Genuine Ultion keys

Genuine Ultion WXM Keys

Your home is secured with a lock that has passed every security test. So, when it come to spare or replacement keys make sure you only use genuine Ultion keys.

Counterfeits will damage your lock and invalidate guarantee.

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Genuine Ultion WXM Keys

Ultion WXM key combinations

To create a key using the key number that operates all of Ultion's 11 pins, the key number has to be decoded using an encrypted security algorithm. Licensed Ultion Key Centres have access to this decoding algorithm. Once decoded the precise indentations can be cut using specialist machines with dedicated tooling to exactly the right depth, in exactly the right position on your key to produce 294970 unique key combinations.

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How to recognise genuine Ultion WXM keys from Ultion

If you don’t see the Ultion logo embossed on the key, don’t put it in your lock! It could break your lock entirely, invalidating your guarantee and leaving you stuck.

Genuine Ultion keys

The Logo

If you don’t see the Ultion logo embossed on the key, don’t put it in your lock! It could break your lock entirely, invalidating your guarantee and leaving you stuck.

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The Ridge

Ridges and countours are in precisely the right place to prevent you accidently triggering 'lock-down mode' which can happen with imitation keys. Lock-down mode is Ultion's unique anti-break-in feature that makes our locks more secure than any other.

The Seller

For your security Ultion keys are only available from licensed Ultion key centres.

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Ultion keys

Benefits of Ultion keys

The ULTION lock and keys when bought from SheffLOCK offer you many solutions to your emergency needs.

Below are a few common solutions our SheffLOCK ULTION key service provides you with should certain common scenarios occur:

HELP! I have lost my ULTION keys and cant get into my house! Don’t panic, the team at SheffLOCK have an emergency ULTION key cutting service for this scenario for residents of South Yorkshire and the immediate surrounding areas.

Simply contract the team and let us know your unique reference for the key you wish to have duplicated. We will then send an email authorisation request to the account holder who then simply grants the team 24hr permission to obtain the pinning information and cut the additional key which will be delivered to you personally by the team.

A great emergency service to have at your disposal.

My tenant has not paid rent for a number of months and I have obtained an eviction notice via the courts. I have no spare keys and the tenants have refused to allow me access or hand over the keys.

As a landlord it is sometimes the case that unfortunately tenants have to be evicted or simply vacate the premises unexpectedly leaving the doors locked and you without a key. These situations can be both stressful and very expensive with regards to having to employ the duties of both bailiffs and a locksmith.

However this is not the case if you have the premise installed with ULTION locks and you as the homeowner are the designated ULTION key holder.

Simply contact the team and request additional ULTION keys to be duplicated via the ULTION key control system.

Easy. Simple. Stress free. Minimal cost.

I am away on holiday and need access to my home in my absence via a family member or close friend. I do not want the cost of having the lock picked or destroyed which would result in a replacement lock and keys. What can you do for me please?

We always advise our customers to keep the ULTION lock unique reference number somewhere safe and to hand. The ULTION Key Control system is an excellent free security feature that enables you to tie in each ULTION unique reference number with a designated email account. Therefore that email address account holder is in complete control of who and when ULTION keys are authorised to duplicate the key.

Simply contact the team at SheffLOCK via 0114 4426200 or place your order via the SheffLOCK ULTION online shop. You will then be sent a request via email by the the ULTION key control system to enable the team at SheffLOCK to cut the key within a 24hr period. The keys will then be cut and dispatched to the authorised address.

Ultion keys

As a Genuine Ultion Key Centre, SheffLOCK has access to software that will create an exact cutting pattern for your new keys. Issues with Ultion keys are usually caused by non-genuine key blanks that have damaged or compromised the lock and would instantly invalidate your warranty, so make sure you always choose a licensed Ultion key centre.

Ultion keys are thicker and stronger than most and are not magnetic so metal scrapings are not carried into the cylinder. As standard, Ultion locks come with a 10 year £1000 guarantee that covers you in the event of lock snapping. The Ultion key has 11 cuts on each side giving a total of 22 cuts creating 294,000 key combinations so there is no need to create extra deep key dimples for debris to accumulate.

The Ultion key has 3 grooved ridges unique to the Ultion lock with dimple cuts on 2 of the ridges. It is imperative for this reason that genuine Ultion keys are used as the tolerances are such that a non-genuine Ultion key could trigger the lock down mode.

The original Ultion key that came with your locks has a unique number stamped on the key. This is used to identify the key that works with your Ultion locks. The code stamped on the key is for Genuine Ultion dealers to communicate with Brisant Ultion and retreive the key cutting code.

We are an authorised Ultion key cutting centre and we only use genuine Ultion key blanks and Ultion key blanks, cut on the latest calibrated cut to code key machines. Our Ultion keys are 30% thicker than standard Ultion keys and 60% thicker than standard TS007 lock keys.

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